Cover Dimensions

The major social networks have recently adopted new layouts for their user profiles that feature a small square main image in front of a cover photo background. These structures are now required for both personal and business pages. Take control of the look of your timeline and utilize the specs below to make your cover photos look perfect!

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

The dimensions for the new Facebook timeline cover is 851x315 pixels.

Facebook Cover Size

More about Facebook Cover Photos!

Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions

The dimensions for the new Google Plus profile cover is 890x180 pixels.

Google Plus Cover Size

Facebook Main Photo Dimensions

Regardless of the image you upload to your Facebook profile, it will be resized and cropped to 125x125 pixels.

Google Plus Main Photo Dimensions

Although more generously proportioned, the Google Plus profile pic is also cropped to a size of 250x250 pixels.

MySpace Main Photo Dimensions

The standard MySpace profile template features a main photo of 140 pixels wide and virtually any corresponding height.

Twitter Profile Main Photo Dimensions

On your Twitter profile page, the photo is automatically cropped and resized to 128x128 pixels with rounded corners.


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